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Hyla Vacuum
Main address: 1262 East Newport Center Drive 33442 Deerfield Beach FL
888-TRY-HYLA, 954-571-5550, 954-571-5552, http://www.hyla-us.com/GST/owner.php?selection=contact&sub=owner
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  • $33.9K claimed losses
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  • Oct 14
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Sulphur Rock, Arkansas
  • Interest Rate
  • 53

I bought a hyla and what a mistake. They will lie to your about the interest rate on your purchase. My salesman john willis told me my hyla will cost 2, 325.21 my interest would be 1.42a.p.r.sounds good, not its 17 a.p.r. what they do is this , 17x12=1.42 this is a monthly rate. The annual percent rate is 17 a.p.r. they will lie to you and say its 1.42. My advice dont buy one unless you have cash... Read more

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  • Oct 11
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Faulty Vacuum
  • 33

Hyla is a rip off anyone that every buys one will see the product is junk .for one don't clean like they claim it dose . and warrty is a lie .there isn't one like the sell men and company will tell you .until you pay for it then couple week later nothing is cover .and gets. anything wrong with it they will lie say you did it . noing they are selling you a used Vacum for the price of a new... Read more

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  • Oct 03
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Pompano Beach, Florida
  • Hyla Filter
  • 94

So you are complaining about a product that you purchased 8 years ago!?! You are not able to get a filter!?! You can not find a place for repair!?! First of all to complain about a vacuum cleaner that still works after 8 years is strange. Then you complain about not being able to get a filter???? There is no filter for a Hyla. Hyla uses only the water you put into the water pan as a filter!!!... Read more

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  • Sep 30
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Replaceable Parts
  • 93

We purchased the Hyla vacuum about 8yrs ago. It starting performance was fine at first. The canister became a neucense. Difficult getting up and down the stairs. The hoses started clogging and very difficult to unclogg. Very hard to clean, holds an odor. Hard to find replaceable parts, as simple as a new filter. Can't find anyone to repair them. The company I bought my thru soon... Read more

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I just bought a Hyla recently. Although the price seem a little steep but I got to say it is really quite effective in cleaning and purifying my house. Hope it will last. Add comment

a lady name Christie Goh demonstrated the hyla machine in our bed vacuuming the dust but instead of helping she causes damage to our bed.it tear the cloth cover and some more our bed is new. Add comment


  • Aug 13
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Defective Hyla Vacuum
  • 336

I brought Hyla Vacumm cleaner and paid 3,500 for it and it has had blowed motor since I got it .the sell men told me take it home use less water well then the 3 days up by then .the company refused to fix it give me false contract to get me to buy it .suppose be lifetime on parts and 20 yrs .this company refuses to fix the vacumm and I want new one like I paid for or mine money back .i don't no... Read more

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  • Aug 10
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Positive Experience
  • 258

I loved my new hyla I was hesitant to buy after seeing some reviews but i spent 500 on my last vacuum and it still couldn't do what the hyla does in seconds I recommend this product to any one with children or pets it's an amazing product and the price was a lot more than what expected but I've seen people spend almost 900 for a phones so why would you want spend it on something that can improve... Read more

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  • Aug 08
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Defective Vacuum Bowl
  • 2
  • 2
  • 318

Do not buy a HYLA. There is no one to work on these machines and the company will not produce a return response. It is honestly not worth it in the end. 2,500 for my machine and I cannot find a bowl after mine was demolished. Now I've been watching ebay in hopes to find another. The salesman I purchased mine from will not return my calls. I was conned in to buying one of these from a... Read more

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  • Aug 02
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • 5
  • 5
  • 384

Salesperson demonstrated the Hyla GST today and priced the vacuum cleaner at S$3745.00 with 20 years motor warranty and 3 years parts warranty. The amount of dusts appeared in the water looked horrible after the salesperson vacuumed one of our beds. Is the product overpriced, warranty period too good to be true? The per time visit to vacuum 3 beds and 1 sofa set is S$96.30. Still considering... Read more

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