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Hyla sweeper is the most expensive sweeper I have ever purchased. My wife and I have sever allergies and this type of sweeper was recommended by our allergist. After 6 years of weekly use, the sweeper brush decided to quit working. So I took it to the dealer and found that they left town. went to another sweeper repair store and found that Hyla will not sell replacement parts to an independant dealer. Next step? Of course I went on line, found home page and they showed contact us, I clicked and lo and behold, I was referred to every place... Read more

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Just about the time I was to pay off my HYLA it just suddenly quit working for no known reason. I tried everything to find out why it just quit after turning it on and could not find any reason for it to stop sucking up the dirt. The motor would run but the suction part of the vacuum would not work. I checked everything but nothing would work. I would not recommend this vacuum to anyone. I could not even find a place to take the vacuum to find out what was going on. So now I have to go out and buy another vacuum so that I can clean my... Read more

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This person knocked on my door and I told him that i was not interested in paying 3700 for anything. He had a young girl and talked credit blah blah blah. He did a demo that I did not request and proceeded to go and on for a few hours. At this time I am exhausted. He was like I will make you a deal. So finally I said well lets see he came back with a monthly payment and a cheap price. When I said no...he got hostile, started throwing his notebook on the table told the young girl to pack up. He called his boss and yelled on the phone I... Read more

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First of all I would like to say. THANK GOD FOR THE HYLA! My mife is breathing because of your product and has not been back in the hospital since we purchased it I am so sorry that people write unethical reviews about your product on here it saddens me that they can't simply call and get help like I can I have no problem calling the corporate office in Florida or any of my local offices I think that people simply can't afford the payment at times and then they get mad at the product I have no problem paying cash but I see that most people on... Read more

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Its over priced and doses not proforme well Add comment

The best vacuum I have ever owned Add comment

The Hyla in Union, MO is run by very unethical, unscrupulous *** of the earth. They make lawyers and used car salesman look like saints. Their recruitment of salespeople and customers alike is unethical. Overpriced? You betcha. There is no set price. It's whatever they can get out of your bank account. The product, well, it's a good idea, they look nice, but the units are heavy, bulky, and have to be constantly maintained for them to work. Buy a far cheaper but higher quality vacuum and air purifier seperately and you will be far more... Read more

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If you do some research hyla auburn, ny by jake is the same as pro aqua aburn, vivenso auburn, and pro aqua syracuse is same too. I dont need a review. Read others do not let these people in your home or let your family and friends work there. Its not training appointmemts they want to sell you junk Add comment

I had the unfortunate experience with a door to door salesman. They came to my house they looked familiar and realized quickly that it was the same people from my nephews old pro aqua vivenso job. So i put 2+2 together and Auburn NY has these syracuse pro aqua scammers in auburn now. Leave our town alone. Read the pro aqua and vivenso reviews fr syracuse and auburn oswego and Oneida its all the same. Paying 300 for the product and charging people 3000 Read more

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I bought a hyla a few years is hard to work with -very heavy to drag around. the cord is always in the is very hard to maneuver around furniture and tight would be better with a retractable does do a great job of cleaning and is a great air freshener. I am very satisfied with the way it cleans.i think it is way overpriced.i would not recommend it to anyone Read more

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