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I had a Hyla demostration done at My home back in June 2015. I was told during the demo that the Hyla if ran 20-35 minutes a day would remove ALL the dust and mildew smells (from the basement) I was sold. I did NOT have a trial period. I was approved by the finance department and another Hyla (NOT THE DEMO ONE) was delivered about 2 weeks later. The Hyla has still yet to remove any dust particles... Read more

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I have had my Hyla for 15 or more years. Love it. Never needed cust service. Starts and works perfect every time. No comparison to the other ones. I guess if you want easy get a conventional type unit. This thing cleans like no other. Read more

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The biggest over priced vacuum ever!!! Add comment

I have had same issue with this company on top of false contract .i say we all get together try file class action lawsuit agaisnt company .for not honor their product & warranty. Add comment

VERY overrated! It is hard to vacuum with,short cord,too heavy hoses with cheap attachments. Awkward to have to *** attachments from holding spots to move handle to release dirt collected. I am 67 and have owned all brands of vacuums. This is the worst ever! Go with Rainbow if you think you want this type of cleaner. Tried to return after three times of light use. They refused...they... Read more

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Great machine. Works perfect. Amazing Add comment

I don't and never have worked for hyla. However, when I was much younger I gave a shot at the whole door to door thing selling Kirby vacuums, which the only person to buy from me was my grandma just so I could get the money. Those types of jobs are always sketchy and extremely hard to do not to mention they're not safe! I do want to say as a Hyla owner, I'm extremely satisfied with my product and... Read more

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Am HYLA customer in 2014 . The product is reliable byt the office in Singapore needs professional management from customer call center to repair service procedure ! Am aplaused how such German company base in Yishun Bizhub has no SOP! On 19/9/2015 , I brought the vacuum to Yishun office as was advised all repair ought to bring item down . I travel from esst to Yishun by teain by bus by... Read more

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I have had my Hyla for 7 years and has performed well. We have red dirt in our area and the sales person said after a month the red dirt will get less and less in the bowl. It really did and I was impressed. After being away for a couple of days, I came home and I looked at the carpet and asked my girlfriend what she did to the carpet and she said she had vacuumed it with the Hyla. It looked... Read more

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I love my Hyla, especially after I paid it off. I am allergic to cats and have 4. It helps with messes that are wet and I cam use it to clear the air of foul odors. There are downsides however: Cost Set-up time (not good for quick jobs) You must dump and rinse the water reservoir after use or the water will get very foul. Synopsis, the vac is great for full house regular vacuuming but not quick... Read more

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